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These Car Features Help Reduce the Damage Caused by Side Impact Collisions

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting a new or used car. It’s very important to spend some time checking the safety features in order to ensure that not only will you have a comfortable ride, but you’ll also be protected in case an accident occurs. That’s why we have decided to list some of the safety features that you should consider to avoid personal injuries due to side impact collision. Likewise, you can also check this link to discover how side impact collisions are dangerous and why hiring a lawyer can save you from all the trouble that lies ahead.

Different Types of Seat Belts
During a car crash, the main purpose of a seat belt is to protect the driver and passengers inside the vehicle. Aside from that, they also reduce the risk that the passenger or driver would collide with the dashboard, steering wheel, or windshield. To protect those who are inside the car even more, there are new seat belt designs that come with additional features. One of the is the adjustable upper belt. The adjustable upper belt allows you to modify the position of the shoulder strap so that it would accurately accommodate the person’s size. This feature motivates the passengers to wear their seat belts as they are comfortable to wear unlike the traditional design. Then, there’s also the seat belt pretensioner that retract the seat belt in order to eliminate the excess slack right away– especially during a side collision. Despite that you still have to adjust your seat belt so that it would be as snug as possible, because pretensioners aren’t powerful enough to hold you in place.

Energy Management Features
The energy management feature allows the seat belt to yield during a crash. The importance of this is that it removes the focus on the chest, as it blocks away the impact. This feature also comes with load limiters which are built into the shoulder retractor- this is what allows the seat belt to extend when needed.

Rear Center Seat Lap
Some car manufacturers offer a rear center lap. This is perfect for those with older kids and for those who have children in booster seat that are seated in the rear center position.

Collision Avoidance System
The collision avoidance system is an innovative technology used to prevent traffic accidents. They are very futuristic that the collision avoidance system has also been preferred for self-driving vehicle. It’s an innovation that uses a wide range of censors the Adaptive Cruise Control utilizes in order to avoid both side and forward collisions. Additionally, the collision avoidance system could also sense objects ahead of the road. This warns the driver about the impending collision. Failure to respond would lead to the activation of the brake system. Since this feature has gotten very popular lately, it has been a requirement for new vehicles.

All-Wheel Drive
The all-wheel drive feature spreads the power to both the rear and front wheels of the vehicle in order to maximize traction. If combined with traction control, it prevents the wheels from slipping away when excess power is applied during acceleration.