KaptenPoker – Logical thinking helps you make the best decisions

In both games, you need to look at the big picture, and plan your future moves. Planning in NL games is more complicated, making the gaming experience even more stressful. Because there are so many variables and factors to consider, NL requires more intense concentration – more stress.

Logical thinking helps you make the best decisions. In limit games, bet size and stack size are not the main factors in decision making, as in NL games. This greatly confuses the logical thinking of the player, requires a greater reliance on one’s intuition to make decisions, makes the opportunity much more stressful to visit KaptenPoker.

Additionally, due to differences in bet size as the hand develops in NL, implied pot odds take the main consideration in deciding whether to call with the drawing hand. This is much more difficult and much less accurate than when the stakes are fixed. More stress!

To this I might add, because the stakes are higher (and the risk is greater for budget poker), NL hold’em players are bound to be more skilled. Playing against tougher opponents is, of course, more stressful – less fun.

Most of us play poker for recreation – as do I. So are our 200-plus member Claude Pepper Seniors Poker Group and the CalVet Poker Group in West VA / LA And, I would bet, so will most of the millions of poker players around the world.

There are two basic variations of Texas hold’em: (1) Limits – with well-defined bets; and (2) No Limit (NL) – where the only limit bet (or raise) is how many chips you stack in front of you.


Updated: November 23, 2020 — 12:22 pm