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About Poker Poker was introduced by a Virginia Senator with an interest in his field

In Virginia, gambling is not available. There is no casino or poker room to be found. The state does offer lottery games and has provided horse racing in the past, but there is no longer an open racing facility in the state. So, it was surprising to find that a state senator had now introduced […]

Louisiana Gaming Regulator reopens the Three Day Opening

The Louisiana Gaming Control Board pushed back the next day and said that casinos and video poker parlors would need a few extra days to open their doors. Louisiana is set to become the first country with a large gaming market to open up another industry. A number of tribal casinos have reopened, with the […]

the acquisition or addition that we get from the dealer card

In short, the game in a nutshell. The tactic is quite simple. As is often the case, we use a dealer-qualified hand to get inspiration as to what our tactic should be. If the player has a partner or could be better, he makes a game of bets. If the player has less than a […]

Let’s reconstruct against bad poker hands

In cash games and high limit hold’em tournaments, players are less prone to starting with marginal (mediocre) or weaker hands. They realized that these hands might not be enough to win the pot. On the other hand, low / mid limit players are much more likely to pay to see the flop with such a […]