Because you are saved from failure, your opponents respect you, and all examine you

In a recent GT issue, we covered a situation when you believed you had the “nut” – the best hand – all the way from the flop, until the river card hit the board. At that point, an opponent captures the quads – four-of-a-kind – and destroys your full house. Very rare; but it can and does happen.

Today, we’re examining a somewhat more common situation – a situation where I was personally involved twice. On one occasion, I was the lucky winner; on the other, butchered. Oh well, it’s poker.

In a hold’em game, say you are in the middle position, and have been given the AQ spade in the hole. That’s very good premium hand drawing! Some of the opponents go limp and you call out to see the flop. Raising might force some of your opponents to act visit poker88. You prefer to keep it for a while just in case you make your hand, or catch four to an Ace-high shovel flush. Then, you can better build the size of the pot, hopefully, will win.

On the flop, the dealer deftly places the Js-7s-2c on the board. With your AQ shovel in the hole, you have great traction to flush the nut. And, that aside, you have a lot of good, solid outs – at least 12, counting 9 spades and 3 invisible aces on the deck. (Being conservative, we don’t count the 3 remaining queens.)

Big Blind opened the bet after failing. Three other people called before you. From your middle position you decide to raise it; with your 12 outs, the pot odds are sure to look good. They all call your raise.

Five of you see a turn. Here’s 10 spades. You now have the flush nut. Wow! And, more than that, you have an attractive interior to the royal flush.

Because you grew up on failure, your opponents respect you, and all examine you. So you made a big bet; and the three of them call to see the river with you. Holding the flush nuts, you try not to show your great excitement. Nobody told you.

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