KUDAQQ – Chips are a volatile part of poker

As you know, in Texas hold’em, after two hole cards are dealt face down to each player, five cards are dealt face down. The last card dealt is called the “Chips.” When your opponent catches a Chips card that gives him a hand that beats your cards, you are “inundated with Chips.”

Every poker player is bound to experience a steady stream of Chips, perhaps several times during a session. To say the least, of course it hurts. You are in front until Chips! Caution: Avoid tilting on such occasions. I have seen one player get so angry when he is beheaded that he blames the dealer for his bad luck, and, growling, throws hole cards at him visit KudaQQ

The lucky opponent may be the big underdog before Chips, but one last card makes all the difference. To illustrate, this is a hand that happened to me a few months ago:

I was awarded an ace in the hole – the best starting hand I could hope for. That puts me ahead of every other player at our table – preferably to beat each one about 80 percent of the time. I can feel an inner joy as I anticipate scooping up the pot. From a hi-jack position, I lifted to thin the pitch, so my pocket Aces would have a better chance of staying in the lead. Four opponents stayed behind to see the flop with me, including both blinds:

Rainbow K-10-5.

The bet is checked for me, respecting my preflop raise. Two blinds and I saw the turn: 3 clubs. It looked like a pretty safe card for my hand. I feel confident that my Aces pocket is still far ahead. Again, it checked for me, so I made a value bet. The two opponents were summoned.


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