LagaPoker – The poker player’s stats per flop make your final decision

If you ask an experienced poker player who enjoys a huge success rate at the poker table – what is the best table to play with, I’m sure he will tell you it’s a table of lots of fish and weak players.

Why? Because, to win consistently in poker you have to play against people who are not as good as you, people who are always chasing their losses regardless of how unlikely it may be, and people who play too many hands in the hope of hitting a card on the flop. , turn, or river.

The question now is, how do you know the table in which this type of player is most dominant? The answer is quite simple; just check the statistics visit LagaPoker players per fail for each table you want to join. What this statistic tells you is the average number of players at the table who saw each flop. The higher this number, the higher the number of fish players present at the table.

You may be wondering: How do we know this?

Yes, we know this because we know the definition of what constitutes a fish player and what is their most dominant trait. A regular fish player will chase losses, play bad cards, and follow up with hands that need to be folded. Now, when you look at a table with a high “player per flop” percentage, it means that there are lots of players at that table who are trying to play every flop without choosing the right hand.

In conclusion, a good table to play with is one with lots of fish. While you may not come across such tables very often, you can still aim for a decent table with at least 20% “players per flop” status. And if you’re lucky to get 30% or more, then even better.


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