LapakPoker – Prestigious event Tournament Hollywood

I had the most amazing time at the Big O tournament at Hollywood Park Casino, this Saturday. I made the final table with two other women, Chellie Campbell and Lulu Flippin, who were second and first respectively. When we played for four players, I chatted with the two women, who inspired me to write this article.

Since I’ve played more Omaha in the past year, I’ve noticed fewer women seem to be playing this game than hold’em, so when we got down to two tables visiting lapakpoker, it was great fun playing with two other women. We chatted with the dealer, Leslie, and had a great time. We only had to lose one more player before the final table, and it happened that Chellie’s hand was on.

She won in battle, and her male opponent was not happy. She kept scolding her, and finally I had to tell her to stop criticizing her. He was eliminated in the next hand to visit lapakpoker.

I had the pleasure of sitting with Chellie after the tournament after Lulu told me how accomplished Chellie was in life and at poker.

Chellie started her career as an actress. While working at Walt Disney World in Florida, he noticed several men would bring their lunches and play poker in the warehouse where they practiced. Since he had never played poker before, he watched them once before he sat down at the game. Naturally, he won all the money the first time he played; he was bitten by a poker bug.

When he returned to Los Angeles, he played with friends at home games. They will go to Vegas every January and June to play poker. He honed his game by playing, reading books, and watching old VHS tapes of the World Series of Poker.

When Hollywood Park Casino opened in 1994, Chellie played 7-Card Stud for two years before moving on to hold’em. He played it for six months before being introduced to Omaha by his friend Mitch.

When he sold his bookkeeping business in 1994 to teach financial stress reduction workshops, it gave him more freedom to play poker. Today you can find Chellie playing Omaha in the LA card room. He has red hair with a bright smile.



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