Let’s reconstruct against bad poker hands

In cash games and high limit hold’em tournaments, players are less prone to starting with marginal (mediocre) or weaker hands. They realized that these hands might not be enough to win the pot.

On the other hand, low / mid limit players are much more likely to pay to see the flop with such a hand. As a result, it’s not uncommon for seven or more regulars to see if the flop improves their hand.

Charts and other resources are available that show a sensible starting hand. Personally, I believe the Hold’em Algorithm is the best way to make those important decisions. This is important because you are making a commitment to invest your chips in that hand visit JasQQ.

Before we dive into this important topic, let me explain the criteria used in the Hold’em Algorithm for initial selection:

• The value of your two hole cards (rank; plug; connector; match)
• Your betting position
• Is there a raise or is it possible? (Find out.)
• The number of opponents remaining in the pot
• The type of opponent in the pot, and the texture of the game

He is a loose player and cannot possibly have reasonable standards for hand selection. No doubt, he will stay to see the flop with Ace, the King, and possibly the Queen; the two hole cards are matched, no matter their rank; and connectors, even with gaps.

It also tends to be a calling station, calling your bet and raising it as long as it has a chance to connect to the artificial hand.

He might get lucky now and then and take the pot in the fight; and he’s probably done more bad beats than most of the other players. But in the long run he will definitely lose. The odds are great for him.


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