Poker Site Operator Gets Slap On Black Friday Wrist

Poker Site Operator Gets Slap On The Wrist Black Friday – Nearly a decade of legal damage stemming from Black Friday poker nearly ended on Wednesday when PokerStars founder Jesse Scheinberg was sentenced and fined $ 30,000 by a judge in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Beyond getting the protection free from bank fraud, money laundering, and illegal gambling that the 73-year-old Israeli knows about, it is as light as the authority Judge Lewis A. Kaplan can provide. Scheinberg would avoid jail altogether, and given the charges, the fines are nominal.

Scheinberg’s legal troubles date back to 2011 when the US government confiscated the domain names and funds from the largest online poker provider. Scheinberg is one of 11 people charged in the proceedings visit

It is argued that any online poker room operating within its borders violates US law. Scheinberg lived outside the US for nearly nine years until January 2020, when he was extradited to New York from Switzerland. When he landed in New York, he immediately declared, filed an application not accepted, and was released on a $ 1 million bail.

During a definition hearing roughly two months later, Scheinberg confessed to the allegations. He banned five years behind bars, but even then, prison sending was impossible. Federal prosecutors told Forbes that the United States had in principle a “basic terms agreement” with Scheinberg.

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